Visitors to the Refuge system can help Refuge scientists build long-term data sets, using Nature’s Notebook, as well as help motivate people of all ages to observe and learn about the seasonal changes of ecosystems around them.

Can we help?

Please let us know what would help you get started or do more with an existing effort. We welcome feedback on our existing tools, and suggestions for new tools.

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How You Can Help

The USFWS National Wildlife Refuge System and the USA National Phenology Network are using phenology as a teaching tool for the community, connecting the public with scientific research, and promoting the understanding of species' response to changes happening in our Refuges.

How does a Refuge get started:

Already Monitoring Phenology?

Do you already have phenology data for your Refuge? If you’re storing it locally, consider transferring your data into the National Phenology Database, registering your data set with our Data Registry Tool, using our Bulk Upload Tool for data collected using our protocols, or continuing your effort using USA-NPN protocols and Nature's Notebook so your data can become part of a nationwide project. 

Interested in Monitoring Phenology?

If you are not already monitoring phenology at your refuge and would like to begin, Nature’s Notebook can store, organize, and share your phenological information, and allow you to compare your data to data collected across the United States.  The USA-NPN has an easy to use online interface for uploading data and tools for accessing and analyzing your data.

Are you…

  • An Individual interested in visiting a Refuge near you and learning about opportunities to help observe phenology?
  • A Friends Group interested in learning how to implement Nature’s Notebook as an educational citizen science program at your Refuge?
  • A Refuge Staff Member interested in partnering with Inventory and Monitoring science staff to implement Nature’s Notebook at your Refuge?