Did you know that at least 30% (171) of NWRS Refuges are already doing phenology monitoring? The interactive map highlights a sampling of "early-adopter" Refuges.

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Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge, the Southwest's first urban wildlife refuge, is adopting Nature's Notebook. This refuge presents a unique opportunity to engage a diversity of groups from around the Albuquerque area in phenology monitoring. 
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Phenology on the Refuges

Of those Refuges conducting phenology monitoring:

  1. 69% use Refuge Science Staff to collect the data
  2. 42% target birds and 24% target plants, the remainder cover 3 other taxonomic groups
  3. 60% monitor to support refuge management

The Top 3 Management-Related Uses of Phenology Data:

  1. Invasive species control
  2. Timing of pesticide application
  3. Timing of water distribution

Other uses include:

  • Informing the timing of grazing and rest
  • Informing the timing of prescribed fire

For more information about management-related monitoring on the Refuges, contact the USA-NPN Liaison to the USFWS, Erin Posthumus.

Many Refuges are implementing Nature's Notebook programming through phenology gardens and trails. For more information about Nature's Notebook Education Programs on the Refuges, click here or  contact the USA-NPN Education Coordinator, LoriAnne Barnett.