Nature's Notebook is a national online program where professional scientists and amateur naturalists regularly record observations of plants and animals to generate long-term data sets used for scientific discovery and decision-making.


Getting Started

Are you…
  • An Individual interested in visiting a Refuge near you and learning about opportunities to help observe phenology?
  • A Friends Group interested in learning how to implement Nature’s Notebook as an educational citizen science program at your Refuge?
  • A Refuge Staff Member interested in partnering with Inventory and Monitoring science staff to implement the Nature’s Notebook at your Refuge?

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Nature's Notebook

You can use off-the-shelf tools provided by the USA-NPN to get started with phenology monitoring. Nature’s Notebook is a full service program, developed by the USA-NPN, which includes protocols, and tools for data entry and download. Protocols may be used independently of the Nature’s Notebook online system, and data stored in Microsoft Excel can be bulk uploaded to the National Phenology Database.

Nature's Notebook is now on DOI Learn. This course will provide you with step-by-step instructions for getting started with tracking plant and/or animal phenology using Nature’s Notebook. Search for Nature's Notebook How-to, course code USGS-USANPN-001-OLT. 

Our Phenology Toolbox Includes:

  • Standardized Protocols and Species Profiles
    • The USA-NPN has developed standardized protocols for phenology monitoring, using the status-based approach, for over 900 plant and animal species. Species distribution, characteristics and protocols are available on  species profile pages.
  • Data entry tools: web-based and mobile apps
  • Data Download Tool
    • All data (historical, bulk uploaded and entered via Nature's Notebook) can be custom downloaded using the data download tool.
  • Data Upload Tool 
    • If entering data through our web interface or mobile apps is not feasible for your refuge, data can be stored tabular format and uploaded it to the National Phenology Database via our bulk data upload tool
  • Spatial and Temporal Visualization Tool

How do these tools fit together to form an Information Management System?

Graphic depicting flow of data into and out of National Phenology Database.