Visualize and Download Phenology Data

Phenology Visualization Tool

The USA-NPN offers two suites of data products: observational data and phenology maps. These products are freely availble for download and use for your research, management, and outreach needs.

You can explore these products in the USA-NPN's Phenology Visualization Tool, which allows you to: 

  • See which species and locations are data-rich
  • Find patterns like the relationship between spring temperature and the timing of flowering
  • Answer questions such as "Did my poppies flower earlier or later this year compared to last year?"
  • See how the Accumulated Growing Degree Days for this year match up to a long-term average
  • Compare the predicted onset of spring for this year to other years, and map observations from Nature's Notebook against these predictions

Phenology Observation Portal

We also invite you to download customized datasets of observation data from the National Phenology Database, which includes data collected via the Nature's Notebook phenology program (2009-present), and additional integrated datasets, such as historical lilac and honeysuckle data (1955-present).  Filters are available to specify dates, regions, species and phenophases of interest.